The Best Anal Lube For Every Kind Of Butt Sex

If you want to put stuff in someone's butt, you need an anal lubricant that's ultra-slick and thick enough to protect the delicate skin around the anus

If you’ve ever enjoyed anal sex or played with butt toys, you understand why it’s important to use anal lube.

Using lube reduces the friction between the butt hole in question and whatever you want to put into it, and it’s the only way to prevent small tears in the tissue around the anus.

By making everything feel slick, anal lubrication allows you to relax, feel comfortable, and get the most pleasure from anal sex. Quality lubes just make butt sex feel better.

Almost any personal lubricant that can be used for vaginal sex can be used for anal sex, but you may prefer one specifically formulated for anal fun.

Anal lubricants usually have a slightly thicker consistency than regular lubes to provide more slippery comfort and enjoyment.

Best anal lube for most people

Sliquid Silk All Natural Hybrid Lubricant

Sliquid Silk All Natural Hybrid Lubricant
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Sliquid Silk is a thick, super slippery, long-lasting hybrid lubricant for anal sex. It doesn’t contain bad stuff like glycerin or parabens. In fact, all of its ingredients are all-natural and vegan-friendly.

Like other hybrids, Sliquid Silk is mostly water-based lube with a little bit of silicone. This makes it longer-lasting and slicker than water-based lube. According to Sliquid, a bottle of Slick contains “11% to 13%” silicone by volume.

Our testers all liked how long they could go without having to reach for the bottle a second time, and how easy it was to reactivate with a little water or spit.

Even better, when you’re done having sex, it’s fast and easy to wash off your hands and body.

“When it dries, it doesn’t leave that gross, sticky feel on your skin like Astroglide. You don’t need soap to wash it off. Just running my hands under water is enough.”

Sliquid Silk is compatible with condoms and sex toys made from all different materials—even silicone.

Best silicone anal lube

Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant

Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant
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Gun Oil Silicone is one of the top-selling silicone-based lubes, known for its slipperiness and long-lasting lubrication. The vitamin E and aloe vera in Gun Oil leave your skin feeling healthy and supple. Even better, it doesn’t contain parabens or glycerin, two of the most common causes of skin irritation.

Gun Oil gets along well with condoms and adult toys made of porous materials like stainless steel, glass, and hard plastic, but it shouldn’t be used with toys made from silicone or porous materials like TPE or PVC since it degrades their texture.

And like all silicone lubes, it’s a good addition to any trips to the beach or swimming pools since it remains wet in water.

However, after using it, you’ll need to make sure you wash with soap and water to avoid leaving a thin film on things you touch. switches and door knobs. If you are okay with that, you’ll love Gun Oil.

Best water-based anal lube

Sliquid Sassy All Natural Water-Based Lubricant

Sliquid Sassy All Natural Water-Based Anal Lubricant
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Sliquid Sassy is an all-natural water-based lube that’s hypoallergenic, glycerin-free, paraben-free, and vegan-friendly.

You only need a small amount of this and when applying it because it it stays wet for a surprisingly long time. Unlike thinner lubes, Sassy doesn’t drip everywhere after you squeeze it out—it stays exactly where you want it. It gives you the perfect amount of slide without feeling “unnatural”.

Not only is Sassy excellent for anal intercourse, it’s also very good with toys. It’s thick enough to “stick” to the toy’s surface, while still feeling smooth and slippery against your skin.

And when playtime is over, you feel clean because it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on your skin.

Like all water-based lubes, it is condom-safe and can be used with all kinds of toys.

If you like to keep your lube life simple, Sliquid Sassy is ideal since it can be enjoyed in any hole and with every toy you own.

Best lube for painless butt play

Pjur Analyse Me Silicone Anal Lube

Pjur Analyse Me Silicone Anal Lube
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Pjur Analyse Me Silicone is made by a German company that’s been manufacturing premium personal lubricants since 1996.

Pjur markets Analyse Me as a “relaxing” silicone-based lube for anal penetration that can be used instead of numbing lubes, which experts discourage.

Unlike other lubes for painful sex, Analyse Me doesn’t contain lidocaine or benzocaine. It contains jojoba and amyris balsamifera, plant extracts that calm sphincter muscles, allowing eager newbies to enjoy anal sex. Most importantly, it really works. Testers were surprised by its effectiveness. 

It is super-slippery and has a thin consistency that feels like pre-cum. One tester said that “it feels like a body fluid.” The thinness also improves sensations during sex by transmitting more of your partner’s body heat and genital contours. 

Best oil-based anal lube

The Butters Original Aloe and Shea Butter Lube

The Butters Original Aloe and Shea Butter personal Lubricant for anal sex
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When using The Butters Lube, a little goes a long way. Even after lots of thrusting and pumping, it doesn’t dry out.

When it finally dries, it leaves your skin feeling clean and moisturized, but not at all greasy.

How to choose a lubricant for anal sex

Top Selling Anal Lube Brand Photo
Our top picks: Sliquid Silk, Gun Oil Silicone, Sliquid Sassy, Pjur Analyze Me Silicone and The Butters Lube

If you're shopping for a good personal lubricant for prostate stimulation, butt play, and anal sex, it doesn't need to be made for specifically for anal sex. The most important factor is buying the right type of lube for the way you'll be using it.

Water-based lubricants

Water-based lubes are the most widely used, and the most versatile, since they're compatible with every kind of condom and sex toy.

But water-based lubes can dry out really fast. And some can leave a sticky film or turn into “lube boogers” after drying. But the main ingredient–water or aloe–makes them the easiest to clean. And they don’t stain sheets, which is a big plus.

  • Compatible with: All types of condoms and adult toys
  • Incompatible with: Nothing
  • Downsides: Dries quickly, can turn into little “lube boogers” after drying

Silicone-based lubricants

Silicone lubes are much slicker than water-based ones and stay wet much longer. They require less frequent reapplication, since silicone molecules aren’t absorbed by skin..Silicone personal lubricants are safe to use with latex condoms, but should NOT be used with silicone toys.

Silicone can take some scrubbing to wash off, which some consider a strike against them. But being hard to wash off in water makes silicone lubes perfect for beach sex and shower sex.

  • Compatible with: Latex condoms, sex toys made from most non-porous materials (stainless steel, glass, wood, ceramic, hard plastic)
  • Incompatible with: Silicone toys
  • Downsides: Can take some scrubbing to completely wash off toys and skin, some brands can stain bedding

Oil-based lubricants

Oil-based lubes feels slippery and natural. They're wonderful for anal intercourse since they melt with body heat. But oil-based lubricants create microscopic holes in latex condoms, so they're best for monogamous couples and sexual partners you know and trust.

High quality oil-based lubes can be hard to find on store shelves, so if you’re in a pinch, grab any pure plant-based oils you if you have one around the house. Coconut oil and shea butter are fantastic for butt play of all kinds.

Furthermore, oil-based lubes are great moisturizers since they nourish your hair, skin, and nails.

But, and this is a big but, you should only use oil lubes made from organic, unprocessed plant-based oils.

Low-quality oil lubes made with petroleum will ruin sex toys if they’re made from silicone or porous materials such as TPE, PVC, or cyberskin.

Sadly, some oil-based lubes can leave dark spots on sheets. If you’re worried about that, do a patch test or just use with old sheets.

  • Compatible with: Hard, non-porous sex toys and silicone sex toys (if lube is pure plant-based oil)
  • Incompatible with: Latex condoms and sex toys made from non-porous materials like TPE and PVC
  • Downsides: Some can leave stains on sheets and leave you feeling greasy

Hybrid lubricants

Hybrid lubes are slicker and longer-lasting than simple water-based lubes since they’re made from a blend of silicone and water. And just like with water-based lubes, hybrids can be used with latex condoms and all your sex–even your silicone toys.

  • Compatible with: All types of condoms and all types of sex toys
  • Incompatible with: Nothing
  • Downsides: Dry out faster than silicone and oil-based lubes

Ingredients to avoid

  • Glycerin – A sugar that feeds Candida albicans, the fungi that causes yeast infections. Adding glycerin to the rectum can lead to yeast infections.
  • Parabens – Commonly used preservatives that can spark allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin, parabens are also weak endocrine disruptors that have a feminizing effect on male bodies and masculinizing effects on female bodies.
  • Lidocaine, benzocaine and other numbing agents – These are a godsend for rashes because they numb that itchy feeling. But numbing lubes prevent bottoms from listening to your body, which can lead to tissue damage or pain when they wear off.
  • Propylene glycol – A common ingredient in food and cosmetics, but several scientific studies have shown it can cause skin and allergic reactions, including contact dermatitis.
  • Petrolatum and petroleum-based oils – These increase the risk of bacterial infections in your ass and “take a long time to clear from your body” (translation: surprise diarrhea!) .
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