Ultimate Fleshlight Review and Buying Guide for 2020

Fleshlights create physical sensations that your hand just can’t, but these popular male masturbators aren't the right choice for everyone

Fleshlight Girls Combo Pack
Fleshlight Girls Combo Pack
A Fleshlight Combo Pack can save you 20% or more if you're planning to buy lube, renewing powder, a shower mount, or other accessories along with a Fleshlight.
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Male masturbators can be a godsend for guys who want to increase the physical pleasure of jerking off, but most strokers for sale in sex stores feel artificial and rubbery.

Enter the Fleshlight.

Fleshlight is well-known for making masturbation toys that look like chunky, heavy-duty flashlights. And it's true-their hard plastic cases feel sturdy in the hand.

But their soft, silky interchangeable sleeves that look like vaginas and butts are what makes Fleshlights so popular. Fleshlight makes over 70 different sleeves, each with its own appearance, entry hole, and internal texture that you can switch out when the mood strikes. They constantly release new sleeves, too. 

No sex toy is perfect, though, and Fleshlights definitely have drawbacks, the biggest being their time-consuming, overly-involved drying process. But for first-time buyers who can accept some tradeoffs, buying a Fleshlight can open up new worlds of sexual pleasure.

In this in-depth Fleshlight review, I’ll be answering all your burning questions about this top-selling pocket pussy, including:

Open Fleshlight and lube on nightstand beside bed
This is the new Riley Reid Euphoria Butt Fleshlight I ordered for this review.


  • Sleeves feel like sloppy, wet genitals
  • Made in the USA with quality, body-safe materials 
  • Interchangeable sleeves make it easy to explore new sensations
  • Lots of accessories available if you decide to splurge or upgrade


  • More expensive than other male masturbators on the market
  • Drying times are too long (but manageable)
  • Occasional maintenance required
  • At 1.6 pounds, it's big and heavy
Fleshlight orifice and lube
Here's a nice up-close photo of my new Riley Reid Euphoria butt sleeve. Those realistic-looking wrinkles and folds in the skin around the anal opening give me tingles "down there".


At 4 inches wide (at widest) by 10 inches tall, a full-sized Fleshlight is larger than most other models out there on the market. The hard outer shell is made from thick plastic that feels durable, like a Craftsman drill.

Fleshlight Size Comparison: Girls vs Flight Pilot vs Quickshot Boost
As you can see, a regular, full-size Fleshlight is not a small, inconspicuous sex toy. It's both taller and wider than my Flight Pilot (in the middle) and my Quickshot Boost (on the right).

It's also heavier than most other penetrable penis toys, weighing a whopping 1.6 pounds according to our scale. At the end of long jack-off sessions, I could certainly feel that weight straining muscles in my arm, wrist, and hand, though I should note that it never felt exhausting. Most of the weight comes from the soft, squishy inner sleeve, made from Superskin, their proprietary TPE material.


Holding Fleshlight case in hand
The raised nubs along the handle make it easy to grip and hold in your hand-or both hands if you're nasty. Compared to other guys, I have fairly small hands, but even guys with enormous gorilla hands usually don't grip the entire circumference.

Fleshlight sleeves come in a wide variety of colors and skin tones, from totally clear to metallic gray to "flesh" colors. But no matter the color or model name, every sleeve is made using the same basic Superskin recipe, except for the dyes and coloring agents.

Even though all the different types of Fleshlights are made from the same ingredients, each sleeve has its own unique orifice, inner texture and “character traits”. 

Looking inside a Fleshlight sleeve for texture
Sleeves are incredibly stretchy and flexible, as you can see. Here's a photo of me pulling apart the rear hole, exposing the Euphoria texture.

Some sleeve textures like Vibro and Stamina Training Unit have a consistent pattern running up and down the entire canal, but most have multiple chambers of varying widths, depths, and sizes. Depending on the sleeve, the inner texture could be covered in little spirals, nubs or nodes. Or tentacles ribs and bumps. It's very scientific.

One feature I really like is the interchangeable sleeves, which allows you to swap them out whenever your sexual fantasies change or evolve over time.

Fleshlight model differences

If you have trouble remembering all the various Fleshlight models and options, you're definitely not the only one. Here's a quick overview to help you compare key similarities and differences between the types of Fleshlights.

Fleshlight Girls

Madison Ivey Beyond Fleshlight Vagina Masturbator

This top-of-the-line model is all about heightening realism. Its entry holes are molded from porn stars’ vaginas and buttholes. It costs 10 bucks more than other models, and comes in a wider range of “flesh-toned” colors, including light, tan, caramel brown, and dark brown mocha, and a pearl white case. You can buy Girls sleeves separately or with a case. 

The main benefit of the FLG range is that the orifice is more attractive and realistic-looking than the generic Lady and Butt entries. If you’re the kind of guy with an active fantasy life, this could add another layer of depth to your fantasies. But at the end of the day, what you are paying for is the design of the sleeve’s orifice and internal texture. 

Some guys think the material in Girls sleeves feels softer than standard pink sleeves, but that’s never been confirmed by ILF, the manufacturer.  

LEARN MORE: What Is a Fleshlight? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Classic "Pink Lady" Fleshlight

Classic Pink Lady Is A Boring Bad Stroker and Not Recommended

This original combo of black case and pink Lady /sleeve combo is the one that started it all. Options for entry holes include the lady, butt, and mouth. Since the Pink Lady sleeve is considered one of the worst, most boring sleeves. Buy a BYO instead.

Build Your Own (BYO)

BYO Build Your Own Pink Pussy Ass or non-Descript Fleshlight Silver Plastic Case

The Build Your Own (BYO) option lets you customize a pink Fleshlight sleeve with a selection of popular textures, a pussy or Butt orifice, and your preferred case color (black, gold, silver or dark blue).

Three BYO sleeves are considered best buys/must-buys by just about everyone: Wonder-wave, Mini-Lotus, and Destroya. Steer clear of the plain-Jane Pink Lady and Super Tight sleeves. You'd just be disappointed.

Stamina Training Unit

Stamina Training Unit STU Fleshlight Pure Orifice Gold Case Premature Ejaculation Device

The Stamina Training Unit, or STU, was marketed as a device for increasing sexual stamina and treating premature ejaculation. Overall, it is highly-rated and considered an intense sleeve. Stamina Training Units have a gold case and pink STU sleeve, and are available in the Lady and Pure orifice styles.

Fleshjack’s version of the STU was called the Endurance Jack. It was identical to the STU, but instead of a vagina, the Endurance Jack came with a Butt, Cheeks, or Pure entry hole and a silver case. However, it's been replaced by the STU with options for Butt and Pure entries.


Ice Fleshlight Crystal Texture Clear Sleeve Magnifies Penis Size

Ice Fleshlights are - you guessed it-the clear Fleshlights you can see through. Since they have translucent cases and sleeves, these strokers are especially fun to use as a couple’s sex toy since both of you can see your dick. These are available as Ice Lady, Ice Butt, and Ice Pure Fleshlights.


Turbo Thrust Blowjob Fleshlight Blue Ice Oral Sex Simulator Sleeve

The two Turbo models are marketed as blowjob simulators. I’ve never used one of these sucking Fleshlights, but I’ve noticed that guys who like their Turbos REALLY like them. The Turbo Thrust used to be copper-colored, but currently both Turbo Fleshlights have Ice blue sleeves.


Johnny Rapid Fleshjack Male Masturbator 7.5 inch Curved Circumcised Penis Dildo

Not every guy is a pussy hound, so for men who like men, there’s the Fleshjack, the Fleshlight for gay and bisexual gentlemen. Like the FL Girls line, FleshJack Boys sleeves are molded from gay porn stars’ actual bodies in a range of flesh-toned colors, and they even have a line of realistic dildos molded from gay porn actors’ dicks. Fleshjack Boys cases are light blue.


Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg Alien Frankenstein Monster Yeti Bigfoot Grim Reaper

Freaks was a weird, limited edition line of Halloween-themed Fleshlights and dildos first introduced in October, 2011. Alien, Zombie, Frankenstein, Cyborg, Bigfoot, and Yeti were just a few Freaks you could buy to satisfy your horror-fantasy cross-species sexual kinks. Long-since discontinued, they’re now considered valuable collector’s items.

Using a Fleshlight: What is it like?

Discreet ordering, shipping and delivery

Unboxing Fleshlight Girls shipping box
Here's the shipping box after I cut it open. Yup, That's what I ordered alright.

I ordered direct from the manufacturer because I wanted to be sure I wasn't getting a cheap Chinese knockoff like they sell on Amazon, and because I like how they handle my private information and keep everything so discreet.

On your card statement, they don't mention what you bought, they just say you bought it from ILF (the initials of the parent company, Interactive Life Forms). And the cardboard shipping box is just as discreet. No mentions of what's inside or who its from. They keep everything on the downlow.

Opening Fleshlight box
I unboxed mine carefully so you could see what the inside of the packaging looks like. It took every shred of willpower I had not to tear open the retail box like a wild animal.

Lube is your friend

Even though Fleshlight sleeves feel like real skin, you’ll still need to use a quality water-based lubricant when you play with it. Squirt a couple drops into the orifice and slather some on your dick, then start experimenting.

Applying lube to Fleshlight sleeve entry
You'll need a bottle of water-based lubricant, otherwise penetration will feel just as painful as you'd imagine.

Silicone and oil-based lubes are incompatible with Fleshlights since they damage the delicate sleeve texture with repeated use.

They're shipped with a free sample packet of their FleshLube Water. It’s excellent, but will only last one or two sessions at most. So if you don’t have any water-based lube at home, add some FleshLube to your cart to save yourself the hassle of another shopping trip.

More: Read our guide to the best Fleshlight lubes

Adjusting suction

Adjusting Fleshlight suction using rear cap
The back cap also prevents lube dripping out the bottom by accident.

Twisting the threaded end cap adjusts the suction and resistance you feel. The more closed it is, the more suction and resistance you will feel. Play around with it closed, loose, completely off and see what you like.

It feels tight and secure when the cap is rotated shut - or gloriously natural when the cap is removed. But when I adjust it to the middle, it sounds loose, like the cap could suddenly fall off, which feels distracting when I'm gooning out to Pornhub or whatever. Maybe it's just me, but I'd prefer having some notches that click into place and secure the cap at whatever level.

Pre-heat for a special treat

Pre-heating Fleshlight sleeve in water
Here's an underwater photo of my sleeve warming in a bowl

As you'd imagine, sticking your cock into a pre-warmed sleeve makes it feel even more realistic. Pushing your glans into a warm Fleshlight orifice feels amazing, and is worth the extra time investment, trust me.

How to warm your sleeve: Fill a bowl with hot (not boiling) water. Put your sleeve into water, wait 15 minutes, then put it back in the case and use it normally.

Fleshlight makes a USB-powered sleeve warmer for about $30, but I don’t consider it a must-have since  you already own. 

Care and maintenance

Overall, it’s not terribly difficult to care for a Fleshllte. The cleaning process is quick and easy. A couple minutes and it’s done. The drying process isn’t as fast or convenient, but as you'll see, there are some easy hacks to speed it up.


Cleaning Fleshlight sleeve with warm water
A quick rinse under a strong stream of water is all that's needed to clean a sleeve.

Soaps and detergents should never be used on Superskin sleeves, as they can cause the delicate material to degrade over time and increase the chance of rips and tears. 

Instead, all you need is water.

After using your toy, you’re supposed to remove the sleeve from its case and rinse it thoroughly with water. On Fleshlight’s website, they recommend warm water. But I’ve found that warm water can turn cum and lube into little boogers in the nooks and crannies of a dirty sleeve, so I prefer cold water because it doesn’t do that.

Yes, I’d prefer to drop the sleeve into my dishwasher like I do with my Aneros, but a few minutes of hand-washing isn’t the end of the world. It IS a sex toy, after all, and cleaning takes about 2 minutes.

Tutorial: How to clean a Fleshlight


Drying Fleshlight sleeve, case and cap
Air-drying sleeves on the kitchen countertop goes much faster with a paper towel and 70% isopropyl alcohol.

The drying process is what trips up most guys. 

According to the instructions, Fleshlight sleeves need to air-dry completely before you put them away. 

How long does it take to air-dry a Fleshlight sleeve? 

It depends on the texture of the sleeve, and the relative humidity of your room. For example, my Riley Reid Euphoria sleeve was still moist the next morning after air-drying over 8 hours. However, this didn't shock me much, since the inner texture is so intricate and detailed - and the fact I live in Miami, Florida, which is balmy and humid most of the year.

How to speed up the drying process

The paper towel hack - Grab a paper towel and dab the sleeve until it’s dry the touch, inside and out.

The rubbing alcohol hack - Pour a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol into orifice of a newly-washed sleeve, squeeze the sleeve to spread the alcohol around, then let it drip out over your sink. The rubbing alcohol makes any residual moisture evaporate a lot faster.

Used together, the paper towel and rubbing alcohol reduced my Euphoria sleeve's drying time to about an hour.

Renewing Powder

Renewing powder sounds like something cult members sell, but actually it's just corn starch for powdering your hole.

What's powdering your hole?

I can explain. After repeated use, the surface of the sleeve will gradually start feeling sticky or tacky to the touch. Rubbing a little powder into a sleeve restores it to like-new condition.

It's optional, but a nice treat if you think you'll be Fleshlighting frequently.

If you’re on a budget: Skip the Renewing Powder and use corn starch instead - it’s the exact same thing.


Fleshlight on bedside table next to lamp books and water glass
If you're forgetful and leave your Fleshlight out, there's not much you can do to disguise it. Standing next to books, a glass of water, a vape, and a plastic dinosaur, it wouldn't take a genius to notice the sex toy.

If stealth and secrecy are high priorities for you, a Fleshlight may be too big, too time-consuming or too recognizable for your living situation. At nearly 4 inches in diameter, it may be too tall to fit inside a shallow dresser drawer or too large for a backpack if it's already full.

Recommended Tutorial: How To Hide a Fleshlight

If you aren’t worried about those things, however, storage should not pose a significant problem for you.

Customer Reviews

I poked around Reddit searching for real-world opinions from first-time buyers, and the customer reviews I found were generally positive. Here are a couple that stood out to me.

“It’s like a vagina made of tits”

Reddit quote: Felt wierd spending $80, but finally said fuck it, treat yo self, and I'm so glad I did. You can go balls deep full silent mode. The texture itself is heavenly. It's like a vagina made of tits. Unbelievable 10/10 would recommend."
Source: Reddit

Side note: This guy sounds like he'd be fun at a party.

“If a real vagina is a 10/10, I would give a Fleshlight a 7/10”

Quote from Reddit: "If a real vagina is a 10/10, I would give Fleshlights a 7/10 while a hanjob would linger around a 1. As far as getting off is concerned, it gets the job done euphorically!"
Source: Reddit

I like the way this gentleman rates the sensation of using a Fleshlight lower than actual sexual intercourse with a woman, but significantly higher than getting a handjob.


  • Case length: 10" / 25.4 cm 
  • Case diameter (at widest point): 4" / 10.16 cm
  • Insertable length: 9.5" /24.13 cm
  • Insertable girth: 7” / 17.78 cm
  • Total weight: 1.6 lbs
  • Superskin sleeve material: A phthalate-free TPE (a proprietary blend of thermoplastic elastomers)
  • Manufactured in the USA

What Fleshlight should I buy?

The sheer number of different options makes choosing a Fleshlight harder than it should be, especially for first-timers. So if you're a beginner and  can't decide what to buy, choose one of these.

Best Fleshlight Girls Combo Packs For Beginners

Combo packs are a good deal since they save you more than 15% and include everything you need: a case, a sleeve, and lube (with optional accessories)

Recommended Pink Sleeves For Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sleeve Deal

The Buy 2 Get 1 Sleeve Free Deal offers a significant savings and good variety of different textures and sensations, but it only includes pink sleeves, so you'll need to add a case and some lube to your shopping cart when you order.

Who should buy a Fleshlight

Buy a Fleshlight if you…

  • Want more physical pleasure from masturbating
  • Are curious to try new masturbation techniques
  • Would like to increase their sexual stamina 
  • Are committed to curing the symptoms of Death Grip Syndrome 
  • Crave more variety and spice in their relationship sex
  • Have partners who travel a lot or have lower sex drives

Who should NOT buy a Fleshlight

Don't buy a Fleshlight if you …

  • Are satisfied with their sex life
  • Don’t have the time or discipline to keep up with needed cleaning 
  • Need a compact, discreet masturbation toy they can easily hide anywhere
  • Would feel uncomfortable or embarrassed air-drying a sleeve out in the open

Bottom Line

While Fleshlights are pricier, less discreet and larger than other male masturbators, their sensuous, supple sleeves combined with their extensive customization options can’t be beat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the shipping box say “Fleshlight” anywhere on the package?

What merchant name will appear on my statement if I order?

Are Fleshlight sleeves interchangeable?

I already own a case. Is there a way to only buy the sleeve?

I'm about 5 inches long, Will I be able to fit? Is there a minimum penis length?

I’m 8 inches erect. Would a Fleshlight be too small for me?

Fleshlight Girls Combo Pack
Fleshlight Girls Combo Pack
A Fleshlight Combo Pack can save you 20% or more if you're planning to buy lube, renewing powder, a shower mount, or other accessories along with a Fleshlight.
Buy at Fleshlight
Harry D Somers

Harry D. Somers

Harry D. Somers is the editor and founder of Fresh Materials. Based in Miami Florida, he's the kinky, bisexual, horny, sex-positive blogger behind FM's articles, tutorials, and toy reviews.

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