Free Short Erotic Stories

Read our free short erotic stories inspired by the sex stories in porno magazines from the 1970's, 80's, and 90's -Like Literotica meets Penthouse Forum letters

Erotic BDSM scene woman handcuffed red nails and fischnet stockings short black skirt

You've Been a Bad Girl: How My Wife Introduced BDSM & Spanking Into Our Sex Life

He knew she had fond memories of childhood spankings, but didn't know she got off by playing a submissive schoolgirl--or that he would love dominating and punishing her so much
Beautiful Hairless Woman Wearing Light Blue Lace Panties Touching Herself-Literotica photo

Hot, Horny, and Hairless

The unlikely erotic story of a man with a hair fetish and the hairless woman who teaches him that bald is beautiful
Literotica-style photo of topless woman wearing black panties lying on gray sofa reading Harry Potter book

Pussy, Porno, and Perverts - My Year of Non-Monogamous Group Sex With College Cheerleaders

His friends back out of the lease and three nymphomaniac cheerleaders move in. What could possibly go wrong?
Swimsuit photo of sexy woman wearing red bikini and navel bellybutton ring

The Sweet Taste of Revenge Sex

A horny soldier comes home and meets a beautiful 'bad girl', taking the ultimate sexual revenge on his small-town enemy
Erotic photo nude woman removing red dress

Call Me Saint Dick You Little Ho, Ho, Ho!

A shy young man dons a red and white Santa Claus costume and discovers that it's a highly effective pussy magnet
Erotic photo of sexy couple and muscular man holding nude woman with long curly brown hair

My Favorite MILF - My Secret Relationship With A Woman Older Than My Mom

A short erotic story about a repressed young man's encounters with a sexy MILF who helped him deal with his mommie issues.
Erotica photo of slender woman wearing black leather teddy, fishnet panty bose, and garter belt behind metal fence

A Naughty Librarian Saved My Sex Life-In Prison!

An erotic prison story about a horny male prisoner and the lusty librarian who helps him serve out his sentence.
Erotic photo of woman wearing red panties and man in black underwear

Naturally Naughty: A Erotic Tale of One Man's Secret Sex At The Strip Club

A short erotic story about a married man's encounter with a highly skilled stripper who knows how to pleasure needy clients
Erotic photo of beautiful cowgirl with long brown hair wearing fringed suede jacket

Horsing Around: One Woman's Surprising Sexual Encounter With a Cowboy

A young woman visits a Texas dude ranch expecting to ride horses on dusty trails, but ends up fucking a sexy cowboy with an usual sex technique involving his horse
Sexy photo of shirtless man touching woman wearing black panties on hotel bed

I Just Had My First Orgy - On My Wedding Anniversary!

An erotic short story about a horny married couple and their unexpected orgy that sparked a sexual renaissance in their relationship