Fleshlight Quickshot Review: Vantage, Boost, Pulse & Riley Reid Quickshot Comparison 2020

At less than $40, the Fleshlight Quickshot is an excellent compact travel masturbator

Fleshlight Quickshot Review - Vantage vs Pulse vs Boost vs Riley Reid Quickshot Comparison Review
Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage, Fleshlight Quickshot Boost, Fleshlight Quickshot Pulse
Fleshlight Quickshot
The Fleshlight Quickshot offers a ton of fun, new masturbation options in a small form factor.
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Fleshlight Quickshot is the brand's newest, smallest masturbator, and in today’s in today’s in-depth Fleshlight Quickshot review, I’ll be testing two of the three Quickshot models: the Vantage and the Boost.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • First I’ll review the Quickshot’s overall specs, design, and user experience.
  • Then I’ll test the Boost and Vantage individually to see how they compare to each other and other popular strokers like the Fleshlight Go and Flight.
  • At the end, I’ll try to help you decide if the Quickshot is a good match for your individual needs.
Photo comparing the clear Quickshot Vantage next to the black Quickshot Boost
Quickshot Vantage (left) and Quickshot Boost (right)


  • 40% cheaper than Fleshlight Girls
  • Smaller size is easier to hide and store
  • “Mini-Destroya” sleeve offers intense, varied stimulation 
  • Easy to clean and fast drying (for a Fleshlight)


  • Just 3 sleeve options to choose from
  • May be too tight for girthy guys
  • Sleeve won’t completely engulf long dicks
  • Slanted back cap makes re-applying lube awkward

What is a Fleshlight Quickshot?

On the manufacturer’s website, Fleshlight describes the Quickshot as a “solo masturbation aid” and couple’s sex toy that adds “supplementary stimulation during blowjobs/fellatio/oral sex”.

However, I like to think of the Quickshot as the smallest, cheapest, but-still-good Fleshlight you can buy. Translation: Don’t waste your money on Fleshlight’s Four Loko Sex in a Can.

At just 4.4 inches tall, the Quickshot is less than half the size—and half the price—of a regular, full-size Fleshlight.

If your dick is longer than the 3.5 inch sleeve, you'll be able to see it pop out of the rear end.

Keep Reading:

Man's hand holding a Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage in front of houseplant
You can see through a clear Quickshot like the Vantage, Pulse, Riley Reid, and Brent Corrigan models.

Quickshot Models

  • Quickshot Vantage is see-through, and its clear sleeve and case let you view your penis as you use it.
  • Quickshot Boost is dark, and it sports a black case and gray sleeve.
  • Quickshot Pulse has a clear Ice sleeve and an all-new interior texture and orifice design.
  • Riley Reid Quickshot has a translucent sleeve with entries molded from pornstar Riley Reid's vagina and butt.
  • Brent Corrigan Quickshot has a clear Ice sleeve with the new Bliss texture and mouth and butt orifices molded from the gay pornstar.

Retail prices start at $34.95, but Fleshlight offers deals and Fleshlight holiday sales throughout the year.

Quickshot Vantage and Boost side by side differences

Ordering and shipping

I was eager to start my research for this Fleshlight Quickshot review, so I ordered online at Fleshlight.com.

Three days later, UPS delivered a plain cardboard box at my front door, just like my earlier orders.

Cardboard shipping box in beautiful modern home
Fleshlight discreetly delivered my Quickshots within a few days of ordering on their website.


I ripped open the box and glanced at each Quickshot’s retail packaging. The packaging on the Vantage and Boost was different colors, but otherwise looked identical.

Opening Quickshot packaging on the couch at home
Unboxing my new Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage.

Dimensions and weight

  • Length (caps on): 4.4 inches / 11.2 cm
  • Insertable length: 3.5 inches / 8.9 cm
  • Width: 2.75 inches / 7 cm
  • Canal diameter: .75 inches / 1.9 cm
  • Weight: 8.63 oz / 245 grams
Photo comparing Vantage and Boost beside Red Bull can
Size comparison: A Fleshlight Quickshot is as about thick as a beer can, but a couple inches shorter than a can of Red Bull.

In the box

  • Fleshlight Quickshot (pre-assembled)
  • Fleshlube Water sample pack
  • Fleshlight Renewing Powder sample pack

First impressions

Removing the Quickshot from its box, I was surprised how small and light it felt in my hand. After years of using a full-size Fleshlight, my muscle memory expected something bigger and heavier.

But after holding it a moment, I started noticing all the ways it was built like big Fleshlights.

Man's hand holding the Quickshot Boost with black case and gray sleeve
Holding a Fleshlight Quickshot is easy to grip in your fist and feels secure in your hand.

The Quickshot felt secure in my hand. The raised lettering on the case is easy to grab and grip, just like all the bigger models. The Quickshot’s case is short and stout, like a girthy beer can.

Like all Fleshlights, the Quickshot has round, inviting entry holes that give you a nice fleshy hole to stick your dick into.

Quickshot Boost gray sleeve entry hole angled gear texture
The non-anatomical Quickshot Boost orifice is dark gray with metallic specks.

The hill-and-valley pattern of the orifice kind of reminds me of mechanical gears, and I like that the designers didn’t try to simulate the appearance of a vagina or butthole. It helps distinguish it from bigger models. However, I know some guys prefer the appearance of more realistic-looking anatomical Fleshlight entries.

Quickshot sleeves

I like that Quickshot sleeves aren’t distracting like the old, discontinued Fleshlight Freaks sleeves with bright “Frankenstein green” and “alien blue” sleeves.

Design-wise, the Boost’s dark gray sleeve seems like a new, interesting direction. As far as I know, it’s the only Fleshlight sleeve that uses that dark, sparkle-y gray sleeve color. If you look close, the sleeve actually sparkles from the glitter they added to the Superskin material.

The clear sleeve of the Vantage is made from the same material used in the Ice Fleshlights, so I suppose you could call it the smallest Ice Fleshlight.

Compared to the Boost sleeve, the Vantage sleeve feels slightly more sticky or tacky to the touch. Since the sticky feeling disappears when I apply lube, I’m not bothered, but I know some guys don’t like it.

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, let’s dig into the Fleshlight Quickshot’s user experience.

Using the Fleshlight Quickshot

The first thing I noticed about the Quickshot is how economical it is with lube. Unlike some sleeves, the Quickshot doesn’t “eat lube”, which makes it more cost-effective in the long run. In terms of quality and materials, ILF, the manufacturer, didn’t cut any corners.

Looking inside the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage's wide, open-ended internal hole
You can see all the way through a Quickshot Fleshlight sleeve since the canal is fairly wide.

It’s great for solo play and focused stimulation

You know that moment right before you shoot, when you’re throbbing? Rub the orifice around your corona. It’s heavenly.

The texture and shape of the Quickshot orifice make it easy to focus on your penis head, a feature some bigger models lack.

Solo play with the Quickshot is a blast since you can use it so many ways. Giving it a slight twist or turn produces insanely pleasurable sensations on your head and shaft. 

One thing I really like is how easy it is to experiment with new techniques I’ve never tried before. It sparks sexual creativity.

Orgasms are big and explosive

The Quickshot provides so much penis stimulation that if you’re not paying attention to your body, orgasms can arrive quite suddenly.

I also noticed that orgasms with the Quickshot lasted longer, felt stronger, and sprayed farther than my usual orgasms, including ones with bigger Fleshlights.

Great for edging

The ability to focus on specific parts of your penis, like the head and the shaft, makes the Quickshot very good for edging sessions.

After several long Quickshot edging sessions, I noticed that I was lasting longer than my usual Fleshlight edging sessions. I’m guessing it helped delay ejaculation because it didn’t stimulate my entire penis at once, but that’s just a guess.

It’s fun for couples

The Quickshot is a fantastic toy for couples’ play. Since it’s not realistic-looking, it doesn’t “weird out” girlfriends and wives. It spices up foreplay by giving her something to do when her jaw gets tired from blow jobs.

Cleaning and drying

Cleanup after using a Quickshot takes just a couple minutes, and way less time than a regular Fleshlight. Just bring it to a sink, remove the sleeve, and rinse it with water until it feels clean.

Or give it a spritz of antimicrobial sex toy cleaner, then rinse it out. Either way, cleaning a Quickshot is fast and easy.

Rinsing Fleshlight Vantage at kitchen sink with modern faucet and glass tile
The Quickshot's compact is the quickest and easiest to clean of all the different Fleshlight models.

Further Reading: How to clean a Fleshlight

Quickshot drying times are fast

The Quickshot’s wide and short sleeve dries much faster than every other Fleshlight.

I tested air-drying times four separate times, and in each test, the Quickshot sleeve was completely dry in an hour or less.

Drying moist Fleshlight Quickshot with paper towel after using
Drying a Quickshot is also fast, thanks to the compact, dual-orifice design.

You can speed up drying times even more by blotting the inside of the sleeve with a paper towel or using a Fleshlight drying rack.


The Quickshot’s small footprint offers plenty of storage options since it will fit into all your drawers, closets, and toy boxes.

Small dresser drawer with men's pants storing Fleshlight Quickshot
With a Quickshot, you have lots of storage options since it can fit in so many small out of the way places like this shallow dresser drawer.

And since it doesn’t actually look like a sex toy, if a visitor sees it, they'll assume it’s something else.

Fleshlight discreetly blends into background on bedroom nightstand
Design-wise, the Quickshot is the most discreet Fleshlight.

On a personal note, I think the Boost is slightly more discreet than the Vantage, since it’s black and blends into the background. Plus, the stout black case on the Boost looks like a camera lens, which camouflages it even more.

The Vantage is more unusual and attention-grabbing. But even if you forget to put it away, most people would assume it’s just a glass of water.

A truly compact travel masturbator

The Quickshot makes a great travel companion on vacations and business trips, too. Since it’s so small, you can pack it into any backpack, duffel bag, or suitcase. In the photo above, you can see my Quickshots packed into my carry-on suitcase, but it doesn’t look like I’m traveling with lots of sex toys.

Two Quickshots can easily be packed in suitcase with vacation clothes
Traveling with a Fleshlight Quickshot is easy since it's so small you can pack it just about any luggage.


Up to now in this Fleshlight Quickshot review, I’ve covered the high points of owning a Quickshot, so let’s explore the ways it could disappoint you.

If you’re girthy, it might be too small

Photo credit: Charles

I’m a little less than six inches / 15 cm in circumference, so a little thicker than average, and when my erection reaches peak hardness, I could feel a mild squeezing sensation as my shaft pushes against the Quickshot case.

For me, it barely registered as discomfort, but if the case were even a tiny bit smaller, it would have been painful.

So if your circumference is six inches / 15 cm or thicker, the Quickshot will be too small for you. In that case, you might want to look at a Fleshlight Girls, since those are large enough to accommodate your entire penis without discomfort.

It can make a lube-y mess

Since the Quickshot is shaped like an open-ended cylinder, lube will drip through the other end if you don’t have a plan.

The first time I used a Quickshot, I squirted some lube into the top of the sleeve, thinking I had a few seconds before it would escape the bottom. I was wrong.

The lube ran down the sleeve, instantly forming a puddle in my pubes. “Okay,” I thought to myself, “Lesson learned. Plan for gravity next time.”

It’s not just dripping lube you have to worry about, though. Once you’re pumping at a decent pace, tiny globs of water-based lube can fly out of the back of the Quickshot, landing on your stomach, bed sheets, phone, or anything nearby. For me, this isn’t a dealbreaker, but I know some guys may find it too messy.

It can be noisy

To me, a Quickshot sounds like a combination of a “queef” (vagina fart) and “stirring mac ‘n cheese”. Imagine trapped air and lube in a fight.

The Quickshot isn’t always noisy, however. Slow edging sessions are nearly silent. It only becomes noisy if you pump fast, and the faster you jerk off, the more noise you make. 

When that happens, people within earshot can hear you masturbate, and will wonder why you’re mixing mac and cheese so furiously.

Tip: You can muffle the sound of masturbating with a Quickshot by playing music at a low volume.

You can’t avoid touching the sleeve

After you remove the caps, you’ve got just a couple inches of case to grip with your hand. This means that one or two fingers will touch the edge of the sleeve, getting some lube onto your hand–and the case. 


Vantage vs Boost vs Pulse vs Riley Reid: Which is better?

With my eyes closed, the Quickshots feel very similar. But if I could keep only one, I’d keep the Vantage.

Why do I choose the Vantage?

The Vantage isn’t as tight or aggressive as the Boost, so it allows me to focus more on the pleasurable sensations it produces. When I edge myself with the Vantage, I last longer before orgasms hit and enjoy more varied sensations along the way.

The Boost provides an abundance of dick stimulation, but it’s like a speaker turned up all the way. Even though I like the music, it’s just “too much” for me to fully enjoy it.

Fleshlight Quickshot vs …

No Fleshlight Quickshot review would be complete without comparing it to regular Fleshlights and other masturbation toys that might be on your list.

… vs regular Fleshlight

  • Regular Fleshlights engulf your dick: The Quickshot can’t get close to replicating the feel of being inside another person’s body like the Fleshlight can.
  • Fleshlights feel more luxurious: The Quickshot is noticeably tighter than the regular Fleshlight. It can’t match the premium, high-end feel of Fleshlight Girls sleeves.
  • Fleshlights have more sleeve options: There are more than 40 sleeve options for a Fleshlight, while the Quickshot offers just three–and none are sold separately.
  • Storage and travel-friendliness: Regular Fleshlights are so massive it can be difficult to find storage and hiding places around the house and in your baggage.
  • Noise and mess: Full-size Fleshlights are quieter and less messy, and you don’t have to worry about where to shoot your wad. 

… vs Fleshlight Go and Flight

  • Fleshlight Go provides more glans stimulation: Fleshlight Go will really squeeze your glans, especially if you have a big mushroom tip or flared corona.
  • Fleshlight Flight is almost as hideable as a Quickshot: It will fit in a shoebox or the back of a drawer, just like a Quickshot.
  • Fleshlight Go is better for thick dicks: If you’re over 6 inches thick and certain you don’t want a regular Fleshlight, a Fleshlight Go is your best bet.
  • Fleshlight Flight and Go are harder to clean and dry: With the Quickshot you can use your finger to scrub the entire inside, but you can’t with the Flight or the Go.
  • Edging is better with the Flight and Go: In my opinion, edging experiences are slightly more enjoyable with the Flight and Go than the Quickshot. 

Quickshot accessories

If you’re interested in upgrading your masturbation experiences even more, Fleshlight also offers four Quickshot accessories:

The newest Quickshot accessory is the Quickshot Launch, released in July of 2019. I’m guessing that sales must be pretty good since Fleshlight continues adding accessories to the ecosystem.

Finally, a Fleshlight for double penetration

Did you know you can use a Quickshot as a double penetration masturbation sleeve?

The 3.5 inch insertable length of a Quickshot isn’t that long, but it’s long enough to try. Especially when you’re feeling adventurous! 

But if you need more space for your sword fighting, the Quick Connect accessory will let you to make a seven-inch double-ended Fleshlight with two Quickshots. Sadly, I haven’t tried it yet.


Should you buy a Fleshlight Quickshot?

  • First and foremost, I’d recommend the Quickshot to anyone who wants to try a Fleshlight that needs less cleaning and maintenance.
  • If your girth is 6 inches or less, there’s a lot to love about this Fleshlight since you can use it so many different ways. 
  • It provides good shaft and glans stimulation and allows you to focus on specific areas of your penis.
  • If you have privacy concerns or need a travel-friendly toy, it’s very easy to hide from roommates, visitors, and TSA agents.
If you value your privacy, the Quickshot Boost's black case is about as discreet and non-descript as it gets. It looks like a DLSLR or mirrorless camera lens.

Quickshot complaints

  • It doesn’t engulf your dick or come close to realistically simulating the feel of a woman’s vagina.
  • It may be too noisy if you’re not comfortable playing background music to hide masturbation sounds.
  • The possibility of dripping lube could be a turn-off for clean-freaks.
  • Having just three sleeve options may get boring for guys who want to experiment with lots of different ones. 

For more information on the Fleshlight Quickshot, visit its website here.


Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage, Fleshlight Quickshot Boost, Fleshlight Quickshot Pulse
Fleshlight Quickshot
The Fleshlight Quickshot offers a ton of fun, new masturbation options in a small form factor.
Buy at Fleshlight
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