How To Make A DIY Fleshlight Drying Rack In 7 Easy Steps

This DIY drying rack made from inexpensive PVC can significantly shorten Fleshlight drying times. Even better, it can also be used as a convenient hanging storage stand.

How to make a DIY Fleshlight drying rack from PVC pipe

Want to stop wasting hours—or even days—as you wait for the inside of your Fleshlight to dry? The trick is to hang sleeves vertically so that gravity pulls the water droplets and moisture down through the sleeve.

Using this simple PVC drying rack dries freshly washed Fleshlight sleeves much faster than laying it on a towel like I used to do.

In this step-by-step tutorial, I’ll teach you how to make a drying rack for your own Fleshlights that you can build in about an hour.

Ready to get started?  Let's go!

Step 1: Gather your tools and materials

Put all your supplies on a placemat or tray to keep them tidy and organized while you work.

1/2-inch PVC pipe is the smallest diameter available - 10 feet costs about $2 - but it's more than strong enough to support the weight of a few masturbation sleeves, according to manufacturers.

White PVC pipe, PVC cutting tool, Dewalt measuring tape and Sharpie pen
You probably have one or two of these items already.

Here’s everything you’ll need:

  • Some 1/2-inch schedule-40 PVC pipe
  • 8  x 1/2-inch 3-way tee elbow non-threaded PVC pipe fittings
  • Sharpie, pen or magic marker
  • Measuring tape
  • Ratcheting PVC pipe cutter or hacksaw

If you decide to paint it, you’ll also need:

  • Steel wool or sand paper for prepping the PVC surface
  • Acetone (nail polish remover) for cleaning PVC after rouging up surface
  • Cloth rags or paper towels
  • Spray paint

Pro tip

When shopping for 3-way elbow fittings, make sure you buy non-threaded fittings like the one in the photo below.

Hand holding white PVC 3-way elbow fitting to make corners
Here's what non-threaded 3-way elbows look like. They connect the corners.

Over the years, I've noticed that Home Depot and Lowe sometimes mix threaded and non-threaded fittings together on the shelf, so double-check each one individually before putting it in your cart.

Step 2: Measure and mark your cuts

Grab your tape measure or measuring tape, marker, and your PVC pipe, then mark the spots you need to cut.

Yellow measuring tape and hand marking where to cut
Sharpies are great for writing on PVC, but even a ball point pen would work in a pinch.

In total, you'll be cutting 12 short lengths of pipe.

What to cut:

  • 4 x 6" vertical legs
  • 4 x 2" horizontal support rails
  • 4 x 11" horizontal support rails

Wrong size? No problem

I designed this rack to hold up to four sleeves at a time since I like to have "orgies" every once in awhile. But if you want a smaller or larger drying rack, so adjust the length of the horizontal support rails:

  • 1 sleeve: 3.5" horizontal support rails
  • 2 sleeves: 6.5" horizontal support rails
  • 3 sleeves: 9.5" horizontal support rails

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Step 3: Cut your PVC pipe

If you’re using a ratcheting PVC cutter, try to hold it at a steady 90 degree angle to make your cuts as perpendicular as possible.

Metal PVC cutter cutting through PVC pipe
Be careful and practice common-sense safety precautions when handling sharp tools

Check to make sure your cut pieces are roughly approximate in length, but don’t worry if they're a little bit different. PVC is pretty forgiving.

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Step 4: Assemble the bottom

Lay out your support rails and the corner fittings, then fit the pieces together. At this point, you should have a rectangle with four open holes sticking straight up.

Bottom of Fleshlight drying rack

As the saying goes, "PVC pipe is Legos for kinky people and hydroponic gardeners."

Step 5: Add the vertical legs

Now insert your 6-inch “vertical legs” of pipe into the holes in the bottom frame.

Inserting verical "legs" to the bottom of the drying stand

At this point, it kind of looks like an upside-down table.

Step 6: Assemble the top

Loosely fit together the remaining top pieces until the final pipe is connected.

Partially assembled FL drying rack on floor

Place the top frame over the legs and press them together. Give the corner joints a light squeeze to make sure everything fits together properly and seems stable.

Step 7: Check your work

Voila! You just built yourself fully-functional Fleshlight drying rack.

Grab a sleeve and drop it into the top to see how if it hangs as expected.

Side view of Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid butt sleeve hanging homemade Fleshlight rack, with wooden table
Bare PVC has a utilitarian look, which is fitting since it works perfectly.

Not bad for about an hour of work, huh?

Step 8: Paint it (optional)

Since I had a can of glossy purple Rust-Oleum laying around collecting dust, I figured it was a good time to use it up.

Purple drying rack after painting outside on green lawn
To avoid breathing paint fumes and making a mess inside the house, I did all the painting outside.

Painting isn't necessary, but it gives it a nice finished look.


After the paint dried, I brought it inside and re-tested it to see how it would hold up my Flight Pilot sleeve, which has a smaller orifice than a regular size FL Girl.

Completed Fleshlight drying stand holding two Fleshlights
On the left: My FL Flight Pilot "Mini-Destroya" Ice sleeve. On the right: My FL Girls Riley Reid Euphoria sleeve.

I must say, this looks pretty nice!


DIY Fleshlight Drying Rack Infographic

Final thoughts

Wet Fleshlights don't "air dry" very well if you place them on their sides because the moisture inside the texture gets trapped and can't escape. But if you hang them up vertically, they drip-dry in a few hours or less.

If you like DIY projects like this one--or you just hate wasting time--the hour you spend making this will repay you with peace of mind.

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Harry D Somers

Harry D. Somers

Harry D. Somers is the editor and founder of Fresh Materials. Based in Miami Florida, he's the kinky, bisexual, horny, sex-positive blogger behind FM's articles, tutorials, and toy reviews.

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