The Best Anal Fleshlights, Compared and Reviewed for 2020

Keep your horny self entertained with these top-rated anal Fleshlight sleeves

Best Anal Fleshlights For Guys Who Like Butt Sex - Highly Rated and Recommended Butt Fleshlight Sleeves

Regardless if you’re an “ass guy” or “butt guy” in the real world - or if you just like anal sex - chances are pretty good that you’d also like one of these top-rated butt Fleshlights. 

Here's a quick preview:

1. Kissa Sins Sinner - Best Anal Fleshlight

Kissa Sins Sinner Anal Fleshlight texture review
Kissa Sins Sinner FL Girls Sleeve - Check Price

If your taste in anal sex is more wild than mild, you’ll appreciate the all the different sensations you can experience with Kissa Sins' Sinner Fleshlight

The first chamber has a swirl vortex which provides an intriguing and stimulating entry right off the bat, followed by chambers that tighten around your dick as you push deeper. 

The bumps and nodules in the two rear chambers feel amazing as they tease and caress your shaft, increasing their grip with the narrowing passage. And since they give you so many different textures, there is a veritable cornucopia of pleasurable sensations to be had here for your penis.

Why is Kissa Sins’ Sinner the best analFleshlight?

We recommend Sinner because it offers a perfect blend of intensity and variety, sensation-wise. Compared to other highly-rated butt sleeves like Punk and Next Level, Sinner offers just as many new textures to experience, but without extreme levels of stimulation and intensity. The result is a highly realistic, medium-intensity butt sleeve that offers unique new textures that can feel different on different days or if different techniques are used.

2. Brandi Love Shameless

Brandi Love Shameless Anal Fleshlight texture review
Brandi Love Shameless FL Girls - Check Price

If the booty's gotta be MILF booty, it's time to take a serious look at Brandi Love’s Shameless

Shameless is a three-chamber anal masturbation sleeve, each offering its own unique sensations. The first chamber is narrow and filled with rounded nubs that grip your head and beg you to push in deeper. The second is covered with soft, overlapping hexagon shapes that feel more relaxing and natural. The last chamber raises the tightness and intensity level with a bunch of nobbies and straps that squeeze and rub your dick.

Since that middle chamber feels so much more realistic, you can choose your own masturbation adventure as far as intensity goes. 

On Reddit and FleshAssist, Shameless earns high marks for stimulation, and for providing excellent shaft stimulation if slowly dragged down the length of your penis. 

And since Shameless isn’t overly aggressive, it doesn’t make you orgasm too fast, which makes it equally good for long edging sessions and quickies.

On your way to work and just need a quickie? No problem. Planning an extended flight while watching your favorite Pornhub playlist? No problem! Shameless is a pleaser, for sure.

3. Kimmy Granger Mischief

Kimmy Granger Mischief anal Fleshlight texture
Kimmy Granger Mischief Fleshlight- Check Price

In the porn world, Kimmy Granger is known for her reluctance to do anal scenes, but the Kimmy Granger Mischief Flesh light sleeve is an orgasmic brain-scramber.

Most recent FL Girls sleeves have multiple internal chambers where all the textured bits live, but Mischief is designed around one long continuous chamber. A one chamber Fleshlight butt sleeve may sound boring or plain, but Mischief is full of surprises.

One chamber to rule them all

Thick, fleshy ribs spiral and twist their way around the entire length of the chamber, gradually tightening, then releasing pressure, then tightening again. 

Immediately after you push through Kimmy Granger’s tight butthole, her pleasure palace welcomes you with those large spiraling ribs, each measuring approximately .4 inches / 1 cm thick. 

As you’d expect from an anal virgin like Kimmy, the canal diameter is fairly tight, varying between 1 and 1.2 inches / 2.5 – 3 cm. 

Mischief also features smaller and thinner ribs that run under the large ones in a cross-cut pattern. These provide additional stimulation, but you only feel them in the tightest areas, which keeps the experience lively and interesting. 

4. Adriana Chechik Next Level

Adriana Chechik Next Level Fleshlight texture
Adriana Chechik Next Level - Check Price

Everything about the Adriana Chechik Next Level Fleshlight sleeve is TIGHT and stimulating. The pert little orifice is so tight that when you pull your dick out, it makes a popping sound, almost like a fart. 

The Next Level texture consists of two short chambers followed by a third chamber that’s much longer and a real showstopper. 

Push past that tight sphincter in the orifice, and the first chamber opens up, sucking the tip of your dick deeper, inviting you into the next chamber, a narrow little hole covered with bumps and nubs that feel truly euphoric. 

The third and final chamber is lined with a handful of nodes that resemble dentures. Seriously, it looks like raised gums topped with smooth teeth. Of course, they’re not painful, they’re actually a delight as they push against your tip and glide along your shaft. Truly next level stimulation. 

And since that mind-blowing last chamber starts at the mid-point of the canal about 5.5 inches in, it’s still accessible for many guys with average and shorter-than-average length.

6. Annika Albrite Siren

Annika Albrite Siren butt Fleshlight texture
Annika Albright Siren Fleshlight - Check Price

In her porn videos, Annika Albrite is known for her anal endurance as she smiles and orgasms through brutal gang bangs and rough anal pounding sessions.

But first things first: the Annika Albrite Siren Fleshlight texture has a beautiful butt orifice, the kind that gets you hard whenever you glance at it. 

From beginning to end, the Siren texture is tight and intense. It also varies a lot, offering unique, highly-stimulating sensations along the entire length of the sleeve.

As you’d expect, the Siren's butt orifice is ultra-tight, but after a few inches, the texture begins and you’re greeted by a internal chamber full of finger nodes that tickle the head of your penis. 

About two-thirds in, a patch of Destroya-like nodes erupts that begin teasing and toying with your frenulum. Orgasms with the Siren are nothing short of toe curling.

Siren is one of those anal Fleshlight textures with an usually strong suction effect. This one feels almost like a monster trying to suck you in, hungry for more.

The Siren sleeve is popular for guys of every size. Longer guys like all the cool textures at the end and smaller guys love all the surprising bits in the sleeve’s early and middle sections. 

No matter your size, Annika Albrite's Siren will treat you like a king.

6. Alexis Texas Tornado

Alexis Texas Tornado butt Fleshlight texture
Alexis Texas Tornado Fleshlight - Check Price

Porn fans around the globe know Alexis Texas as a Southern belle with Scandinavian roots and a fondness for anal creampies. What’s not to like?

In that same grand tradition, the Alexis Texas Tornado Fleshlight is known for being a smooth, subtle, and moderately realistic anal sleeve that offers a unique milking sensation that feels like an automatic milking machine that gently suckles and nurses on your cock, pulling it in deeper.

The Tornado texture is fairly simple, with three large, raised spirals running like a corkscrew up the length of the sleeve, similar to the spiral shape of actual tornadoes, or twisters. Large flat divots cut into the surface along the spirals add secondary stimulation.

The Tornado texture may be too mild for some guys, especially if you prefer short quickie masturbation sessions. 

But if you're into edging, the Tornado will be right up your alley. It pulls you in as you thrust deeper, and clings onto your dick as you try to pull out. Although the Tornado doesn't produce insane eye-rolling orgasms, the build up is long-lasting and sensational. Give Alexis Texas a try if you have a long night to yourself and want to indulge your senses with every stroke.

7. Lana Rhoades Karma

Lana Rhoades Karma anal Fleshlight texture
Lana Rhoades Karma Fleshlight - Check Price

If you’ve ever jerked off to Lana Rhoades porn videos, you already know she’s an insatiable brunette who takes dicks like a champ and makes double anal penetration scenes look easy.  

The Lana Rhoades Karma Fleshlight is another highly-rated medium-intensity butt sleeve that tightens gradually as you plunge deeper into it.

In online reviews and ratings, the Karma butt orifice has received a lot of attention for all its fine details, which allows you to see--and feel--the tiny wrinkles and folds of Lana’s asshole. Reviewers love how its highly-pronounced cheeks and ass dimple wrap around the shaft and cup the base of the cock when going balls-deep.

The interior texture consists of three identical, repeating chambers lined with small nodes and ribs that increase their grip as you explore deeper. 

It’s a shame that mid-intensity sleeves like Karma don’t get as much attention as extremely tight ones like Next Level. Medium-intensity sleeves encourage you to slow down the pace of your masturbation and “enjoy the journey” so you can focus more attention on the pleasurable sensations you feel before climaxing.

8. Abella Danger Zone

Abella Danger Zone Anal Fleshlight Texture
Abella Danger Zone Fleshlight - Check Price

The Abella Danger Zone Fleshlight is molded from the ass of Abella Danger, the Miami-raised pornstar with a wild streak who proudly calls herself a sex addict.

The Abella Danger Fleshlight is one of the few anal Fleshlight textures that downplays tightness and instead offers a wide ranging diversity of unusual textures and sensations. The first chamber is spacious, and covered in small bumps and tall ridges that delight the dick. Keep pushing and you reach a double lotus node that amps up the stimulation and intensity level, followed by a thatched texture that offers some relief. The last chamber is filled with pointy, sharp-looking teeth that look, well, dangerous.

Overall, Ms. Danger’s Zone is one of the most addictive anal Fleshlight textures on the market. 

Choosing An Anal Fleshlight

As you can see from our recommendations, there’s no shortage of top-rated anal textures on the market. From a customer's point of view, there are pros and cons to having so many options for anal strokers, and one of the biggest cons is not knowing what to buy.

Whenever someone asks me what Fleshie they should buy, I always ask them which factors are most important to them personally.

  • If tightness is your biggest consideration, you might want to take a look at our guide to the tightest, most intense Fleshlights since we recommend several highly-rated butt sleeves. 
  • If price is a big concern, you should also take a look at our  Quickshot Review, since the Vantage, Boost, Pulse, and Riley Reid Quickshots offer a narrower and tighter internal canal that A LOT of guys enjoy. Also take a look at our Flight Flight Review, since the Pilot and Instructor are also quite enjoyable to use.
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